University Classroom

.هي صور الجامعة والحضور بعد الأزمة اليوم وانو لسا الطلاب عم تروح تطلب العلم

Here are some photographs from university. Look at the attendance during this situation, students still attend classes and seek knowledge. Knowledge has always been a very important aspect in the lives of Syrian men and women.

Yes, we grew up with the typical expectations of ‘you are going to become a doctor, pharmacist, engineer’ i am sure you can relate especially if you are originally from the east. However, this does not mean that we do not become business men or artists. In fact art has a very important role in our traditions.

I found it interesting to learn that some people thought that we fully stopped our lives. In fact when this becomes your life, you have to adapt to live your life around it. If we stopped going to university and work our situation will only become worse. We would become illiterate, economy will fall and perhaps end up dying because of other problems.

Actually i think what is happening is actually encouraging us to study and succeed. Ironically it gave us an aim, our aim is to study and succeed in order to rebuild our beloved homeland.

It is funny how Steve Jobs is originally Syrian, he is just one example of the genius  minds stuck in the body of a Syrian person. For example, because of the invention of the touch screen and voice recordings even my sister in law who never got a chance to learn how to read and write can now send me messages, and photographs.

The classrooms are as full as ever in the middle of a war zone. Still eager to study, eager to achieve and as eager to succeed as ever.

6 thoughts on “University Classroom

  1. It is such a motivating story and you can sense the hope these people have despite living in an atmosphere were everything is meant to bring you down, what a great will they have.

  2. After this war and sufferings, these Syrian students will bring a Scientific renaissance that will astonish the world.

    1. Definately inshAllah, I am sure that many new inventions will be made by Syrians, as history showed us how wars tend to accelerate technological developments!

  3. This is so good to see and very inspiring. It just goes to show the strength of the Syrian people and their determination to succeed and make something of themselves,even in a war zone,it is truly beautiful.

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