Gas Crisis

Most people in my area, actually not only in my area but most of Damascus, those who live in mountainous areas now depend on wooden heaters due to the gas crisis. The only people who would have gas are those who have been saving it for a long time since summer. They would buy three to four tanks in order to stock them for the … Continue reading Gas Crisis

A University play, a reflection of our lives

This photograph is from a recent play performed by a group of talented university students. They performed it on a wooden stage using very few simple utilities and props. The play was very well performed, it was astonishing! Even after the crisis, people would still follow their passion and hobbies. However, the thing I realized is how the knowledge, culture, and experience from war have been reflected in the … Continue reading A University play, a reflection of our lives

Simple Wedding, Big Smiles

The area that I live in is called Jaramana, it is in the suburbs of Damascus. Most of its inhabitants are originally from Palestine. After the crisis, people from my area started doing their weddings in our hara (street). Previously everyone used to have their weddings in venues, however, after the crisis people started to fear the idea of having it at a venue to avoid big gathering. … Continue reading Simple Wedding, Big Smiles

When shells fall near the university

I am doing my Master’s Degree in Arabic, these photographs are from both the faculty of language as well as the faculty of medicine which share the same campus. I took these photographs when shells fell near my campus in the Baramke area. All students fled to their homes, the university was empty and all classes were canceled. You can tell how the university garden, as … Continue reading When shells fall near the university

University Classroom

.هي صور الجامعة والحضور بعد الأزمة اليوم وانو لسا الطلاب عم تروح تطلب العلم Here are some photographs from university. Look at the attendance during this situation, students still attend classes and seek knowledge. Knowledge has always been a very important aspect in the lives of Syrian men and women. Yes, we grew up with the typical expectations of ‘you are going to become a … Continue reading University Classroom

Charity Event in Damascus

Despite the war, and all the problems that it had brought upon us,  other issues that previously existed  still remain. In Syria we have always had many charities;  for cancer, Palestine, orphans etc. Despite the fact that we are now amongst those who need charity we are still trying to maintain the charity that we previously gave. The video below is a charity event for cancer … Continue reading Charity Event in Damascus

Horseback riding in the city of Homs

Equestrian sport is one of the most wonderful sports that one can exercise. It earns a lot of great benefits for the person who is doing it ….we in Syria have been interested in this sport since ancient times, but because of the war we have,this sport has declined significantly due to the special needs that it requires.and not available and with all these obstacles … Continue reading Horseback riding in the city of Homs

Syrian Exploration and documentation team

This team is about exploring all the historical and geographical sites in Syria and getting to know our country better, rather than visiting other countries. All reachable areas in Syria are visited. This team has groups from all cities, it combines people from all different religions and beautiful cultures which shows the true way of life of Syrians that has been from the beginning of … Continue reading Syrian Exploration and documentation team