A University play, a reflection of our lives

This photograph is from a recent play performed by a group of talented university students. They performed it on a wooden stage using very few simple utilities and props. The play was very well performed, it was astonishing! Even after the crisis, people would still follow their passion and hobbies. However, the thing I realized is how the knowledge, culture, and experience from war have been reflected in the … Continue reading A University play, a reflection of our lives

Charity Event in Damascus

Despite the war, and all the problems that it had brought upon us,  other issues that previously existed  still remain. In Syria we have always had many charities;  for cancer, Palestine, orphans etc. Despite the fact that we are now amongst those who need charity we are still trying to maintain the charity that we previously gave. The video below is a charity event for cancer … Continue reading Charity Event in Damascus

Embracing Traditions- Hamam Al Souk

Hamam Al Souk is basically a traditional bath. Perhaps you have heard of the Turkish Bath; well this is very similar. My friends and i like to visit old damascus and embrace a tradition that allows us to bond and pamper ourselves, whilst enjoying our argeeleh ( hookah pipe) and tea after a deep cleanse in burning hot steam and water, a vigorous scrub, a violent … Continue reading Embracing Traditions- Hamam Al Souk