Charity Event in Damascus

Despite the war, and all the problems that it had brought upon us,  other issues that previously existed  still remain.

In Syria we have always had many charities;  for cancer, Palestine, orphans etc.

Despite the fact that we are now amongst those who need charity we are still trying to maintain the charity that we previously gave.

The video below is a charity event for cancer patients. To me what makes our situation even more difficult is that old problems do not get magically replaced by new ones, instead it is more like a building block analogy, new problems continue to compile on top of old ones.

For example, the sick is still sick and there is even less attention on them now because there are more people in need at the moment. Our duty is to also remember those who we used to help in the past and not just leave them and move on to more recent cases.

We still believe that we should help others and do everything that we are capable of  in order to be helped. Do good and good will come to you.

Let me put it this way, i want you to think of all the problems you have in your life, whether it may be a mental or a physical disease, heartbreak, whether you’ve lost someone or whatever it may be, perhaps not even this tragic. It could even be stress from work or university.

Now i want you to imagine yourself in the same situation you are in plus having to fear for your safety, and in a way live on the edge. This has become our life.

You might be confused now, seeing these posts of us going out and enjoying ourselves.

Well when this has become your life you have two options:

Sit, cry and be depressed the whole time. Or try to live your life as normal as possible whilst you still can.

Syrians are very talented people, and we plan to use our talent to showcase our passion and make a positive difference, whether it is by music, art, handcraft etc. Perhaps it is because this is how we express ourselves.



7 thoughts on “Charity Event in Damascus

  1. this is amazing mashallah! we shall all be charitable, and help one another as it is our duty from allah. we should be greatful of our lives, and therefore make others life full of happiness. we are very talented by the help of allah, and we show it through our personality and our passion!
    this piece of story is very engaging, thank you so much luna!

    1. I agree!
      It is amazing to see how even in Syria itself you have people trying to raise money for each other and help each other out despite everything that is happening! Honestly i thought that the only charity they are getting is from the west but seeing how despite their situation they still give charity, this is something that i find to be really encouraging and motivational.

  2. Syrians have always maintained helping people in need through out the history, all over the world, from Europe, Africa to the Arabian gulf. By raising money, sending food and medical supplies in terms of aid. Syrians wilcomed refugees from all over the world Armenia, balkans, Somalia, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait etc…. I can add a long list of countries… Syria gave the refugees a lot of rights and treated them with full respect, I haven’t seen or heard of a refugee who stayed in a tent in Syria!

    We should be more active. We can’t stop the charity work, we could go visit the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, perhaps teach the kids or help young adults and women to start their own small businesses. For those who can’t help financially they can help with their knowledge!

    However we should also focus on ourselves and make the best out of our time outside of Syria so we can go back strong, well educated, capable of rebuilding Syria and helping those who are in need. It’s a duty!

    Why don’t we start a consortium, a small group, put down ideas and plan for the next 3-5 years on how we can help those in need especially the kids and the widowed women!? Let us do something because we can and inshallah we will!

    1. i worked for a charity called hand in hand with Syria, which is an Syrian charity organisation, and i do agree with you, it is true that Syria has been helping out other countries, and has always been an motivational country, but at this moment, we need the people to see syria as an country that needs help, our people are dying without any reason, and many people decide to be silent. this is wrong. and we must stop this by being able to fundraise or visit an refugee camp in lebanon , turkey or jordan inorder to support our people 🙂

  3. Syrians have always been charitable .. We used to raise money to help the poor buy a fridge or a fan for the hot summers, or in worst cases rebuilding a wrecked roof. But the sad truth these days, we are raising money for prosthetic limbs

  4. I truly believe in the analogy of give and you will be given. You do not miss the money that you give in charity as you know it’s going to a good cause. I always find when you give in goodness somehow somewhere that money is returned to you through other means. My sister told me a story of when she was volunteering in a school built for syrian refugees. The kids had literally nothing and yet this little 5 year old girl was so touched that my sister had come to see these kids that she took the only bracelet she had from her hand and gave it to my sister. To hear that even the people who are in need are the ones who are giving is just touching. What generous people the people of Syria are!

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