What is Abnormal Normal? and What shall I expect to find on this website?

We live in a day where when you say ‘Syria’ the only thing people think about is war and refugees because these are the only two things the media talks about when mentioning Syria.

The media often ignores the fact that many people still live in Syria and have had to adapt to living in that type of situation and continue their lives as normal as possible. Citizens still go to school, work and university, go out with friends whilst watching out for their safety. 

This is a site which gives those living in Syria a chance to show us life through their eyes, whilst giving the world a chance to see a first person’s view of how the people in Syria have adapted to living with the opportunity to get in touch with the citizens behind the camera by commenting.


Who can post? 

Anyone, anywhere can participate!


How can I post?

If you are in Syria and would like to contribute Please e mail us on: Abnormalnormal@hotmail.com

If you are not in Syria, you can still contribute by joining the conversations, ask questions and make friends through the comment section.



What shall I post?

There will be a weekly theme that would tell you what category your posts should be about; however, the posts depend on your interpretation of the theme. For example, ‘Love’ could be someone you love, a place you love, an item you love, perhaps even a meal or anything that in your opinion demonstrates love in your everyday life.

You will have to upload a visual (short video:  1 minute or less, or a photograph) followed by a brief description of what your post describes and a reason of why you chose to photograph/ take a video of that specific image/video.

If you are in Syria and would like to be added to the list of Participants you can contact us on: