Gas Crisis

Most people in my area, actually not only in my area but most of Damascus, those who live in mountainous areas now depend on wooden heaters due to the gas crisis.

The only people who would have gas are those who have been saving it for a long time since summer. They would buy three to four tanks in order to stock them for the winter days.

Even diesel, people have been saving diesel since the summer days. We have filled a tank of diesel during the summer, which is why we were able to have a heater that runs on diesel. However, diesel runs out during winter.

Only those who bought diesel during the summer were able to have heaters that run on diesel during the summer, however, those who didn’t purchase diesel were forced to use the heaters that run on wood.

There was gas or diesel at all! There was an unbelievable gas crisis which still exists.

The people in this image below are fighting over the gas, you will always find around 300 to 400 people there trying to fill up their gas tanks.

10 thoughts on “Gas Crisis

  1. I feel sorry for them as this material is extremely important for daily life, I don’t know how they manage to continue with out it.

    1. Exactly! reading how they have gone back to a wooden source of heating is very sad.Just when Syria was flourishing and moving forward in every aspect, it went back many years.

  2. Really saddens me to hear this, the last time I was in Syria it was the best that it had been in years. It was getting better every time we came to visit, and now people are struggling to get a hold of a basic household necessity. Hope things can get better soon

  3. Makes you really appreciate the simple things you have. Sometimes we complain about things that don’t really matter and it takes stories like these to make you realise how many small gifts we are blessed with.

  4. In England we complain when the gas prices are raised by a few pennies, Seeing these conditions really shows how much people can take what they have for granted.

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