Mosaic Wall

This talented wall craft is called mosaic.
It is made with small rocks that are put together one by one to make a beautiful picture which takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish one.The bigger the design, the more expensive and luxurious it will be.
When people spot this on the wall they get astonished and overwhelmed even though they have seen this type of mosaic before. This indicates that no matter how many mosaic designs are available in Syria they will always be special and unique.
Syrians are known for their handmade mosaic furniture which ranges from stone mosaic art (like the one in the picture below) to wooden mosaics. Even though the origin of mosaics is accredited to the Greeks, mosaics were also used in Assyria, Egypt, Persia, Rome and other ancient civilisation.Today’s centres of hand made mosaics are Lebanon and Syria.

5 thoughts on “Mosaic Wall

  1. so proud of syria! its truly beautiful to see the different mosaic art so unique and vibrant.
    every bit is detailed and effective!
    i must say it is always an masterpiece, and truly inspiring:)

  2. Beautiful work of art .. Mosaic brings art to life and is truly mesmerising ..
    The most beautiful mosaics can be seen in the Omayya Mosque ..

    1. The Omaha Mosque mosaics are beautiful! This takes me way back to when I was in Syria. I hope that the mosaics in the mosque are still there today as a symbol of Syria’s beauty, despite all that it’s going through today.

  3. Such beautiful works of art. I hope and pray that one day soon Syria will be safe for the world to visit and appreciate the beauty that it holds with their very own eyes.

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