When shells fall near the university

I am doing my Master’s Degree in Arabic, these photographs are from both the faculty of language as well as the faculty of medicine which share the same campus.

I took these photographs when shells fell near my campus in the Baramke area. All students fled to their homes, the university was empty and all classes were canceled. You can tell how the university garden, as well as the classrooms, are empty. When something dangerous happens close by no one comes into university.

5 thoughts on “When shells fall near the university

  1. All what I can say is that by coming to university again and again after every incedint is the best example of showing how you people are adapting to this life and how brave you are.

  2. I can’t start to imagine the fear students must feel after feeling threatened in such a safe and pedagogic space. It’s inspiring to see how there’s still interest in education after such events, those are the little things that will promote change and create strength in the community.

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