Simple Wedding, Big Smiles

The area that I live in is called Jaramana, it is in the suburbs of Damascus. Most of its inhabitants are originally from Palestine.

After the crisis, people from my area started doing their weddings in our hara (street). Previously everyone used to have their weddings in venues, however, after the crisis people started to fear the idea of having it at a venue to avoid big gathering.

Today most weddings in my area take place in the hara. The men’s party will take place in the hara. As for the women, they will find a big house in the area and gather all women there for a women’s party.

The idea is that men will have a mouled or a zaffe (singing and dancing) in the streets,  the neighbors will watch the wedding from their rooftops or windows while taking pictures of the groom and his friends dancing. Simultaneously, at this time the women’s party will be taking place which would consist of the bride, her friends and family.

After the groom finishes from his party, he will head to the women’s party to dance with his bride etc then he’d take her home.

This is how most weddings in my area are noways.


12 thoughts on “Simple Wedding, Big Smiles

  1. The title says it all, simple wedding big smiles!! It’s not about where and how big the wedding is; it’s about the happiness that you can’t buy with money!!!

    This video made me very happy. It shows hope, faith, and determination!

  2. So heart warming and lovely to see. It brings back so many memories of the times we used to huddle around the balcony watching “arada” take place in our building every time someone got married. Staying with our gran on a busy street there were endless post wedding “zaffeh” that would take place in the early hours of the morning ..

    1. yesss!! or the time we would all run out to the balcony after hearing the beeping (zamoor)of the cars! A Syrian tradition after every wedding; taking the bride and groom on a fatle (car cruise) before dropping them off.

  3. It is obviously beautiful to see people still celebrating love and being able to experience the joyous atmosphere of a wedding, but it does show the impact that a crisis can have on the simple everyday things – the rights that others take for granted. From what I am reading this wasn’t the original tradition, but out of fear people decided to leave venue-weddings and create a new way to celebrate love. Yes, it’s brings us joy that to see happiness and celebration through difficult times, but it is a bit infuriating at the same time. Human beings are a beautiful thing though, even through hard times we still find a way to smile. Reminds me of my own family’s situation back in Venezuela. Although they are struggling with finding basic necessities like food and water, they still appreciate the simple things in life and find reasons to smile.

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