A University play, a reflection of our lives

This photograph is from a recent play performed by a group of talented university students. They performed it on a wooden stage using very few simple utilities and props. The play was very well performed, it was astonishing! Even after the crisis, people would still follow their passion and hobbies. However, the thing I realized is how the knowledge, culture, and experience from war have been reflected in the talents and hobbies of the people.For example, this play was about the Basus war and the old Arab wars.

You can find beautiful artwork, even amongst the students who are studying Arabic literature. We have many talented artists who’s artwork is remarkable. You would notice how every piece of artwork is a reflection of the reality that we are living.

I believe that the culture of the war has been reflected by the talents, hobbies, and passion that anyone could practice.


2 thoughts on “A University play, a reflection of our lives

  1. It’s great seeing young students following their passions ..
    Wishing everyone a better life ahead where they can pursue their dreams ..

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